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Miguel has ample experience as a screenwriter and can help you bring your vision to life by either writing a script based on a story or giving notes to improve an existing draft. 

"Bus To Nowhere"

Short Film - Drama

A teenage girl who is sexually abused by her sister's boyfriend must make an impossible choice when her family refuses to believe what happened. 

"The Broken Legacy"

Feature Film - Drama/Romance


While voluntarily testing a new drug at a research facility, a lost screenwriter recruits the help of an egotistical philosopher in order to attract the girl of his dreams. Samples available upon request. 


Short Film - Drama

A man concerned with pleasing others has to deal with an unspeakable tragedy while some of his friends pay him an unexpected visit. Samples available upon request.


Short Film - Drama/Thriller (Project in Spanish)

This story is inspired by one of the most important philosophical questions that, I believe, we have all asked ourselves at some point or another: if you could meet God, what questions would you ask? Mauricio has lost his faith and when he unexpectedly encounters a divine creature, he feels compelled to confront her about his painful past. 

"The Long Commute"

Short Film - Drama

An emotionally distant businessman tries to reconnect with his estranged father only to discover that the wasted opportunities come with a heavy toll, but also with a ray of hope. 

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